The Little Island

We have a little island that is about 150 yards out from our point. (actually it is the neighbor’s so we call it Wilson’s point) At high water, it is submerged under 10 feet of water. At low water, it sticks up a few feet. The tricky time is when it is just below the surface.

We used to mark it when it got down to the point of being a hazard. But the Sheriff, in the last several years, has taken the position that because they don’t mark anything, neither should we. In fact, they threatened to give me a ticket if I marked it again. Their lame rationale was that, if we marked our island then they would have to mark every other hazard on the lake and they didn’t have the time.

I have hit the little island with our boat before and did not sustain any real damage. It’s just an underwater sand dune. Anyway, I am posting theses satellite pictures to give everyone a better idea of where it is.

When boating, always keep a sharp lookout for what may be out in front of you.  I don’t, but you should.  Safe boating!  Dave

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